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To ignite the human potential for empowerment and self-fulfillment by practical merging of psychological methodologies, logic, & scripture wherein the mind is primed to achieve and the quality of life inspired to succeed.

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Jojo Sayson
Human Factors in Motivation
586 William Latham Dr. Suites 3 & 4
Bourbonnais, IL
60914 USA
Tel #: 815-936-1992
Fax #: 815-936-0940

Jojo Sayson’s lectures are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis for groups of 20 to 300 or more depending on prior arrangements. Cost of presentation and travel expenses determined by phone conference: (815) 936-1992.

Jojo Sayson

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Motivational speaking

Jojo SaysonJojo Sayson’s rise to motivational speaking started from humble beginnings. As far back as he can remember in his childhood, even with lack of vocabulary, he has always wondered about spiritual origins and destinations. There was awareness of the living self in what Descartes describes as “cogito ergo sum”, meaning “I think, therefore, I am”. His life story is just like anyone else’s replete with trials, tribulations, failures, successes, joy, and sadness. The difference perhaps is his hunger to learn and improve upon himself from past mistakes as well as from the moral lessons learned. Born in Manila, in the island of Luzon, Republic of the Philippines, Jojo was raised in a Roman Catholic family. He left everything he had ever known and lost sight of his own shores by immigrating to the United States where his quest for knowledge got him to think outside the box with simultaneous introspection. Imagination, he found, gave him wings for his adventurous spirit but with humble surrender that he is servant to pure intellect and love he calls…God. His response to life is fellowship and motivation to cultivate the human potential to grow beyond the ordinary and to live life by becoming the human catalyst. Let the power of belief ignite you...

Human Factors in Motivation

Seminar Series

Sayson Institute of Human Exploration
(Jade Pacifica Enterprises)

By Jojo Sayson
International Motivational Speaker

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